The Undiscovered: The Blythe Project

The Blythe Project


Fusion Guitarist Expands Reach

J. Spencer Seidel, a New Jersey based guitarist recording under the project name The Blythe Project, submitted a six song instrumental DAM CD (from consisting of rock-inflicted fusion numbers, entitled circle. Heavily influenced by great role models such as Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, and Frank Zappa, Seidel incorporates modal harmonies into his compositions to add diversity and interest. Seidel strengths lie in his improvisational ability; he is able to fly over the fretboard, nailing legato runs and melodic passages with ease. The material could use a little beef in the rhythm department--live musicians replacing the sequenced bass and drums would really kick the material into high gear. Nevertheless, Seidel is off to a very promising start with his early instrumental works.


Spencer has been involved in music one way or another for his entire life. Struck by the beauty of the instrument, began playing the guitar at age 13. Spencer was in several local bands in high school, and eventually wound up at the Berklee College of Music, where he practiced constantly and studied music theory. Since then, he has been composing, not only instrumental guitar music, but electronic atonal music and vocal works.

Seidel strives to compose, record and sell his work, as well as teach professionally. He is extending his reach world wide by listing his music on several web sites, as well as creating his own, guitar-oriented web site called Guitar Community Online - a place for guitarists to hang out, chat, post lessons and provide links to other guitarists.

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