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Black Shadows


Blues Surf/Rock Trio

Bluexotica is the Black Shadows' debut blues/rock/surf CD which simply oozes attitude at every turn. The California-based trio (consisting of Robert Mearns on guitar, Andrew Houseman on bass and Dale Daniel on drums) love the twang, bathe in the reverb, and revel in the tremelo on twelve instrumental cuts with evocative names such as "Texas Berrys", "Shadowcaster", "Whiplash" and, er, ah "Lap Dancer" (whatever that means!?) This is some good time rock music, where each tune guaranteed to serve as a soundtrack for your new life as a free-spendin', job-changin', heat-packin', hot rod-drivin', chain-smokin' man about town. Raunch and riffs in one fine black package - ya gotta love it'.


Named after the infamous Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle of the 1950's, The Black Shadows have been together as a band for the last three years. The group has backed a wide variety of singers and recorded performers all the way from the Hollywood club circuit to Los Angeles' famed Greek Theater. "We kinda saw ourselves as a modern day Booker T and the MG's", say the bandmembers. "We would back singers but we would always remain true to the sounds and music we wanted to play." As was the case for Booker T and most backing bands searching for an identity, the next step for The Black Shadows was a creative one -- thus the release of Bluexotica.

As for the band, they have been playing locally in and around the Southern California area as well as performing live for audiences at the hit television show, "Will & Grace". Movie soundtrack work should not be far behind, and now with the release of Bluexotica, look for the band to take their "dynamic" stage act and sound to a wider audience.

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