The Undiscovered: Bill Bracken

Bill Bracken


Instrumental Rock For The Hungry Heart

Boston guitarist Bill Bracken's latest cassette contains 6 songs from his upcoming CD entitled BRACKEN. Displayed herein is the sheer virtuosity and precision prowess of an exceptional player reaching for the outer limits of his instrument. His technique is stellar, deeply rooted through his heart, and his heart is pure rock 'n' roll. "Space Drag" doesn't mind panning its guitar lines (recall Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love") while "Kermit's House Party" sports an inspired, late-Hendrix riff. Frank Zappa-as-guitar-hero crops up in several places, predominantly on "Ledfoot" and "Silver Coupe". Overall, Bracken's guitar lines are crisp, cutting and tastefully taut from top to bottom.


Bill started playing guitar when he was 12, learning many Led Zeppelin and AC/DC songs by ear. Classical guitar studies helped him develop his fingerpicking and attending the Berklee College of Music helped Bill gain a solid understanding of ear training, harmony and sight reading. He has played with many groups, and was featured in the Spotlight section of Guitar Player and the Resume section of Guitar For The Practicing Musician. Currently, Bill is busy finishing up tracks for his upcoming CD, doing all the recording himself on his Alesis ADAT digital recorder. Between writing and recording, Bill can be found performing with his band BRACKEN and teaching guitar to a roster full of students.

Bracken anticipates marketing and promoting his instrumental CD on the Internet and gaining the support of a broader spectrum of music lovers.

Contact Information

Bill Bracken
60 Davis Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605
United States