The Undiscovered: Barrett Tagliarino

Barrett Tagliarino


Demon On The Fretboard Releases CD

Barrett Tagliarino's first CD, entitled Moe's Art, was released in May of 1998, and features nine instrumental pieces showcasing his concise compositional style and innovative guitar voice. Tagliarino's music blends rock, lots of blues, a little jazz and a West Coast fusion vibe. None other than Shrapnel's Mike Varney has stated, "With its rich chord textures, odd meters and country blues phrasing, Barrett's music should appeal to fans of contemporary melodic players such as Steve Morse and Eric Johnson." Tagliarino's playing is a breath of fresh musical air and his experience has really helped him to create an appealing instrumental album, with excellent production, great soloing and even a sense of humor!


Barrett has been playing guitar for 27 years, starting with lessons at age nine in Louisville, Kentucky. He studied styles as diverse as blues, reggae, funk and country, and eventually began working in rock cover bands. Barrett later moved to Hollywood and started working as a session guitarist and performing showcases and club dates. He has since released an instructional video, "Classic Rock Guitar Soloing" on Hal Leonard/Star Licks, worked as the head of the Rock Department at Hohner MusikSchule in Austria, and has been working as a staff instructor at the Musician's Institute since 1987. Barrett has also worked on cruise ship tours in North America and Asia in order to fund the release of his CD.

Tagliarino plans to travel to Europe to perform after he promotes Moe's Art in the United States. He is currently writing his first instructional book along with composing music for his second CD.

Contact Information

Barrett Tagliarino
P.O. Box 1644
Los Angeles, CA 90078-1644
United States