The Undiscovered: Attitude



Experimental Neo-Classical Jazz Fusion

The Italian duo Attitude, consisting of guitarist Salvatore Vecchio and the keyboard player Simone Damiani, submitted a promo CD-R called Shadows In The Desert. Featuring their unique blend of neo-classicisms and fusion idioms, the five songs showcase the formidable soloing ability of the two musicians as they trade off mind-blowingly fast lead work over stock drum machine patterns. These guys need a drummer! The music touches on other styles as well, the blues and other exotica is delivered in high-tech fashion on "Red Fire Boom Boom", while the stunning track "Splinterproof Pyramid" offers a mysterious 'edge' to technical fusion. Shadows In The Desert is nothing if not a 16 minute demonstration of the pair's versatility, with a like minded drummer and bass player, these guys could give the men from Planet X a run for their money.


The instrumental group Attitude was formed in November '99 in Turin (Italy), by Salvatore and Simone, both members of the power-prog band Ivory. An important part of their musical development has been, for Simone, his classical studies, and for Salvatore, clinics with great musician like Jennifer Batten, Paul Gilbert, Steve Morse, John Petrucci and Frank Gambale. Each has also taken years of private lessons, and both have studied important didactic books and videos of jazz and classic theory, technique and solfa like Pozzoli, Bona, Gramaglia, Magliani, Pratella, Hanon, etc. The duo did everything on their mini-CD Shadows In The Desert, from the composition to the playing, from the production to the hard disk recording, and from the mixing to the artwork.

At the moment the band has recruited a drummer, now they are looking for a great bass player. They are also preparing songs to complete their first real album, which are tending more toward jazz-fusion than neo-classical.

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