The Undiscovered: Anton Tsygankov

Anton Tsygankov


Russian Guitarist Rips It Up

Anton Tsygankov, a 24-year-old guitarist from Russia submitted his 10-song demo CD-R, which features three instrumental tracks and seven vocal numbers. All could fall into the rock and hard rock category, and all feature Tsygankov's ripping guitar, which is kind of a cross between Blues Saraceno and Mattias IA Eklundh - some good company. The instrumentals, of course, are much better suited for showcasing his six-string arsenal - lightning-quick, liquid runs and mind-boggling licks being found in great quantity. The vocal tracks are more pop/rock (albeit with cool, heavy rhythms) with modern beats and lyrics in Russian, so you kind of have to be into that type of music in order to appreciate the addition of a skilled guitar player to the mix. We'll add our support to the idea that Tsygankov hopefully chooses to put more of his future efforts towards instrumental music.


Anton, who currently resides in Moscow, Russia, started to play music at age four. His first training was on the piano, then later he began to study classical guitar at the age of eight. Anton picked up the electric guitar and started singing at age fourteen. Anton graduated from the Gnesins musical college in 2001, and is currently studying at the Modern Art University. He has won a number of electric guitar competitions in Russia that he entered from 1999 through 2004. Anton is almost finished with his first CD, a blend of instrumental and vocal tracks, and hopes to begin working on a second CD shortly thereafter.

Tsygankov is considering hooking up with an English-speaking lyricist, in order to give his original music broader appeal. He is always happy to play with interesting musicians and he is currently looking for a record company to release his upcoming CD.

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