The Undiscovered: Angelo Marruzzi

Angelo Marruzzi


Solo Enhanced Rock/Blues Demo

California guitarist Angelo Marruzzi submitted his six song instrumental demo CD-R featuring hard rock and blues numbers that showcase his soloing and improvisational abilities. Each track, from the opener "Fingerbreaker", through the three blues songs ("Blues No. 7", "Blues No. 3" and "Blues No. 10") to "Spy Vs. Spy", feature dense, searing soloing - literally almost from 0:00 until the finale. The classical guitar track, "Cattango" has a strong theme and a great feel, and "Spy Vs. Spy" and "Fingerbreaker" have basic motifs going, but it would make the demo stronger to take the compositional techniques use to create "Cattango" and apply it to his rock and blues works. Marruzzi knows his way around the fretboard; agility, energy, intensity, and one-take solos are his forte - so with more time crafting his compositions, the results will certainly be forthcoming.


Angelo was born in 1961 and raised in and around Boston. He started on trumpet and switched to the guitar in 1975, practicing eight hours a day. Angelo later started the rock/blues band Void, and was a member of the infamous Boston-based heavy metal band Steel Assassin in the early '80s. He studied theory at the Musician's Institute after moving to Los Angeles in 1986, and has worked in an around Hollywood as a studio guitarist, recording engineer, composer/arranger, producer and guitar technician. Angelo was first runner up in the November 1989 Guitar Player sound page competition after submitting an instrumental blues track. He is currently working on a CD of heavy progressive rock and blues, and plans on shopping labels for distribution and a possible deal upon its completion. Angelo was also recently commissioned to compose the musical score for an independent film.

Marruzzi's main goal has always been to achieve mass recognition and exposure of his guitar playing and original music, and eventually tour with his own band.

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