The Undiscovered: Andy Martin

Andy Martin


Two-Handed, Melodic Mood Music

Connecticut-based guitarist Andy Martin has taken an unusual, two-handed playing technique and influences such as Vivaldi, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai and created his debut EP-length CD, Just A Dream. Martin came up with his unique guitar technique by watching his mother use both hands on the piano. He adapted her style to guitar so he could play melody, chords and bass at the same time. Martin refers to this technique as "table-top guitar". Just A Dream contains five songs (produced by Alex Salzman) of cinematically rich, instrumental guitar with a wealth of harmonic content. Martin has a wellspring of ability on the fretboard and his compositions exhibit depth, taste and original expression. The tunes "Lady Music" and "Just A Dream" are signature examples of the style that Martin is advancing and striving to perfect.


Andy started playing guitar in his early teens after being exposed to music from an early age by his mother, who often played classical piano for him. He dedicated his teenage years to practicing his instrument for up to 12 hours a day, while studying theory, ear training, composition and improvisation with Linc Chamberlain, Ted Greene and Chris Risola. Andy then began to support himself by giving guitar lessons to other young musicians.

After spending the last few years touring, Martin now resides in Connecticut, where he continues to compose, record and teach guitar.

Contact Information

Andy Martin
81 Wigwam Lane
Stratford, CT 06614
United States