The Undiscovered: Andy Garrett

Andy Garrett


New Adventures In MIDI Guitar

Influenced by the music of Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore and other heavyweight guitarists, Florida's Andy Garrett has recently released Levi's War, a CD-R release of 10 instrumentals which combine shred and neo-classicism with a MIDI guitar at the center of it all. Garrett can really burn and the compositions are serious up-tempo raves which allow for plenty of wickedly fast soloing. The MIDI guitar is used extensively, as Garrett produces many of the non-guitar sounds and solos with his MIDI enabled axe. The overall sound is unique, with the only weakness being the production of the bass and drums. This music wants to have a heavy sound, so the lightweight sound of the drum machine and bass sequences doesn't add the proper weight to the material. Check out the sound clips for some fresh sounds that neo-classical fans are sure to enjoy.


Andy took up the guitar at age 10, inspired by the Beatles. He wrote his first song at age 13, and began teaching professionally at age 16 for the Palmer School of Music in Battle Creek, Michigan. At age 22 he wrote, recorded and produced his first EP with the band Horizon. Inspired by the Shrapnel Records label, Andy started his own independent record label in 1994 with his brother Jeff, called GBM Records. He continues to release music through the label today.

Levi's War is only the beginning for Garrett, as he embarks on a brave new MIDI guitar journey into a brand new century. His goal is to entertain people through his recordings and to help bridge the gap between technology and emotion in MIDI guitar.

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