The Undiscovered: Andrew Kelly Back

Andrew Kelly Back


Blazing Instrumental Funk Rock

We don't get too many instrumental guitar CDs in that also feature impressive sax work as well, but that helps makes Nashville's Andrew Kelly Back stand out. His CD-R of eleven funky yet heavy instrumentals is entitled Don't Taste The Air, and even though Back has changed his musical approach since recording these tunes, the music holds up as good listening, each piece being distinctive and colorful. Unlike a lot of guitar players, Back can play equally well slow or fast (his overdriven and clean solos are equally phatt). "Fullcourt" and "A Dance With A Little A" are imaginative compositions, and a slower number "Kaleidoscope Waltz" is another real gem, with plenty of soulful playing. The CD-R also features some impressive playing from the other musicians, notably Aaron Sterling on drums and Chris West on sax and flute.


Andrew began playing guitar in 1984. Hearing three guitarists changed his life: Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and Steve Morse, and started him on his personal musical quest. Andrew attended Three Rivers College majoring in music, while participating in bluegrass barn jams in the foothills of the Ozarks. He went on to study classical and jazz at Southeast Missouri University and Belmont University. Later, a friendship with guitarist Shawn Lane taught Andrew more about music than he could ever learn in school. He currently is most heavily influenced by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett.

Currently, Back is writing and rehearsing with a Jazz/R&B/Fusion band, as well as planning a number of CD projects he hopes will expose him to a larger audience. His goal is to have people listen to his music and make their judgements about it and let it take them where they want to go.

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Andrew Kelly Back
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