The Undiscovered: Andreas Charalambous

Andreas Charalambous


Guitarist Of Few Words

Andreas Charalambous, from Cyprus (not to be confused with the Washington, DC based artist), is a guitarist of few words who submitted his CD-R demo with twelve instrumental guitar tracks that he recorded at his home studio in Larnarca, Cyprus. Featuring a stripped down production, Charalambous jams over the tracks that offer a mix of styles and substyles, such as rock, blues, pop, Latin. The playing is serviceable, Charalambous just needs to watch his bends, tapping and sustained notes, as many times you can hear intonation problems as the pitch tends to wobble a bit too much. The songs on the CD-R are not labeled or titled, so basically you have "Song 1", "Song 2" and "Song 3", and there wasn't anything said about what the songs are about, so the listener doesn't have a lot to go on. He just needs to shed his influences and look for something a bit more original.


Andreas was equally brief when describing himself, his roots and his accomplishments. Here is what we do know. Andreas is 26 years old. He likes playing guitar instrumentals in rock, blues, pop, Latin and other music styles. Andreas is a producer and a songwriter. His influences included such players as Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, and many more. At that point, his typewriter must have stopped working because that's all there is. It's quite helpful to include a lot more detail about yourself when submitting music to columns like the Undiscovered, and similar sites around the Internet. Giving the songs some names would be a nice touch too.

Charalambous plans to continue playing guitar and making music in the future and hopes to follow in the footsteps of his heroes.

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