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Straddling genres including jungle, experimental, rock and progressive, California guitarist Andre LaFosse has released Disruption Theory, which features six tracks of predominantly long-form compositions and improvisations. Selections such as "In Time" and "Signify" involve principles of classical right-hand guitar technique translated to an electric guitar, to produce contrapuntal lines and muting that let the instrument speak in a very precise and cleanly articulated manner. Disruption Theory's title track offers improvised 16th-notes over a modulating 8-bar progression at 180 BPM, as well as a "looping solo" recorded live in one pass with an Oberheim Echoplex. LaFosse pushes the envelope on his debut CD, drawing on many styles to deliver a signature sound.


Andre's interest in the guitar came about as a result of his experiments with 4-track recording and sequencing in his early teens. Guitar quickly became his primary focus, and he enrolled in the Multi-Focus Guitar program at CalArts in 1994, with six years of playing under his belt. In addition to the guitaristic elements in the curriculum, Andre studied styles and genres such as North Indian/Hindustani, European Classical, various strains of jazz, Javanese gamelan and electronic music. He graduated from CalArts in 1997 with a BFA in guitar performance.

LaFosse's goals are to establish himself in a number of musical areas. His role models include Brian Eno, Bill Laswell and Daniel Lanois -- people who do work in a wide range of roles relating to the recording and performance of music that draws on many different styles. His short term objectives include establishing a clientele of music students and producing other artists.

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