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Amy K


Reflective Classical/New Age Instrumentals

Amy K's new CD, Reflections, is a well-composed collection of new age style instrumentals and one vocal tune. Amy, who mastered the guitar in only a year and a half, puts her personal stamp on everything she writes and plays, creating a very heartfelt work which lets the listener into her mind and soul, albeit instrumentally. Highlights include the opening title track, the breezy "Spanish Theme", and the four-part opus "Inquisition", which spans tracks 2 through 5. Amy's performances on her Guild Paloma, Mario Tezamos-Perez and Horabe acoustic guitars is mood driven, tasteful and at times subtle and understated. It's said her playing and compositional approach mirror her introspective personality, which leads to musical results fans of new age instrumentals can readily relate to. Reflections covers emotional territory such as loneliness, despair, joy and love - things many of her listeners can appreciate and understand.


A perfectionist by nature, it's no surprise that Amy pursued her dream of playing guitar by studying the strict disciplines of the classical style. She started writing her own music about a year after she started playing. Amy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's degree in classical guitar performance, and has performed in Master Classes for over 26 world-renowned guitarists, including Christopher Parkening, the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet and Ben Verdery. In addition to her live acoustic performances, she also currently performs on electric guitar with the progressive rock band Slate, where her technical skills are showcased in an aggressive rock setting. Amy's career as a session player has recently come to fruition; she has worked on several projects at Crossroads Studio in Tempe, Arizona.

Amy believes that music provides the ultimate fulfillment in life, one that cannot be adequately described, nor even substituted. Her future plan is to continue to seek this fulfillment.

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