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Alternate Realities


Alternative Approaches To Instrumental Composition

Now here is something different. Alternate Realities is a band headed by the rhythm section of Todd "Vinny" Vinciguerra (drums) and Mark Alan "Marv" Creitz (bass). The compositional approach is influenced from Miles Davis' "Kind Of Blue" era, where Vinciguerra and Creitz create the outline of the song (the rhythm tracks), and a guest guitarist interprets and improvises over the rhythm tracks as they wish. Vinciguerra and Creitz have no idea where the guitarist will choose to take the piece. Alternate Realities submitted a four track demo CD-R produced by Jon Mathias (U2, The Who) displaying this concept in action, and the result is psychedelic instrumental fusion with trippy, trance and hypnotic grooves. The first two songs highlighted in the sound clips, "The Separation Process" (Jordan Burgess, guitar) and "The One" (Dan Peters, guitar) are excellent examples of a guitarist turned loose and the results are surprisingly good. We can't wait to hear the completed, full-length CD.


Todd (drums) has been playing drums since the age of five, and is a graduate of the Musician's Institute (Percussion Institute of Technology). He is also the author of "Beginning Independence for Rock & Alternative Drumming", published by Mel Bay Publications. Mark (bass) has been playing bass for 15 years, and is a graduate of the Musician's Institute (Bass Institute of Technology). He has a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Music Education from San Diego State University.

The future plan of Alternate Realities is to bring the concept of the band to stage. They plan to keep recording and to not change from the original concept -- to keep creativity and improv alive.

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