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Alligator Stew


Hard Livin' & Hard Playin'

Alligator Stew's self-titled CD brings Southern Rock into the 21st century with eleven song-oriented, blues-inspired cuts, complete with wounded-hound dog slide guitar and whiskey-soaked throat courtesy of Gary Jeffries. Emerging from the 'bayous' of Indiana, the band (Chris Turbis, keys, John Andrews, steel guitar, Doug Richardson, bass, T.C. Markle, drums) feels the blues and delivers the supernatural ("Voodoo Spell"), the biographical ("Louisiana Man") and the mordant ("Blood Money") in a story-like fashion with a hard rock dynamism. Jeffries enhances the gumbo with harmonica, and Andrews wields a potent Dobro on occasion. With topical lyrics that retain the sense and inspiration of early cowboy ballads blended with a crack instrumental ability, Alligator Stew is poised to ascend to the mantle dominated in the past by bands such as Hatchet, Skynyrd and .38 Special.


Formed just a few short years ago, Alligator Stew is now known in 17 different countries and have earned high praise from major music publications. Labeled as "One Of The Hottest Bands In The Nation" by Music Connection Magazine (a West Coast Trade) and "Best Southern Rock Band" By Rock City News are just a few of the accolades. Known for their hard drivin' music, spectacular shows and soulful songs, Alligator Stew is a favorite on the club circuit, receiving rave reviews from fans bookers and journalists. They recently signed a record deal with the German label, Halycon Records, and the international version of their CD was released June 5th, in areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Alligator Stew want to make their livings doing what they love to do. They plan to tour the South and Midwest, where the audience screams and the bands get paid.

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