The Undiscovered: Alexandr Malahov

Alexandr Malahov


Instrumental Rock From Kazakstan

Alexandr Malahov submitted his eight song demo CD-R consisting of a number of instrumental rock pieces recorded in his home studio. Typical of a great number of home studio efforts, Malahov's tracks have a very stripped down production, basically a drum machine, bass, and several tracks of guitar. But even though Malahov can rip out some impressive speed licks and blistering leads at times, he has a fairly serious problem with his intonation throughout the demo, especially on long, sustained notes, or when he plays slowly. Also, many times the playing is just off-key. You can hear the guitar going out of tune, sharp or flat, slightly at times, and more pronounced at other times, which is a playing flaw that has to be corrected. It's very hard to listen to a sustained note that drifts sharp and off-key, and there are many in the various compositions. Malahov just has to compare his recordings and his slower passages with those of guitar heroes he admires, such as Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert, so he can hear what he can do to current this technical problem.


Just 21 years old, Alexandr started to play acoustic guitar when he was 15. He taught himself to play, and when he was 17, he heard Yngwie Malmsteen play for the first time and was amazed. But by 18, he found Malmsteen's playing boring, and began to listen and become inspired by players such as Gilbert, Satriani, Tony MacAlpine and Steve Vai. Alexandr began to practice intensively, and started think about music as his second life. He also began to teach guitar and record his own music about this time.

Someday, Malahov would love to build a recording studio in Kazakstan in order to showcase the many genius musicians who live in his country. He plans to continue to practice his guitar as much as possible, as he hope to become a professional guitar player in the future.

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