The Undiscovered: Aghora



New Progressive Band Forges Original Sound

Take a Berklee-trained guitarist, add an experienced, killer rhythm section, a classically trained mezzo-soprano who has also studied jazz vocals and a local death metal rhythm guitar player and you begin to understand the combination of forces behind Aghora, who've just released their self-titled CD. Guitarist Santiago Dobles anchors this five piece progressive group, which features a unique combination of ultra-heavy rhythms, gorgeous, ethereal female vocals, challenging song structures and, the icing on the cake, wickedly fast, impressively fluid guitar solos and riffage (powered by Dobles). The CD is loaded with high quality material; the opening track for example, "Immortal Bliss", features all of their sonic trademarks, gives a great first impression and sets the standard for the remainder of the recording. Even guitarist Ron Thal has stated, " I just can't describe it. It's from another place. Ya gotta hear it." Well said.


The concept of Aghora was first devised in 1995 by Santiago Dobles while attending the Berklee School of Music. However, iit was not until 1997, when Santiago and Andy moved to Miami and met up with the other members, vocalist Danishta Rivero (Santiago's sister), local death metal guitarist Charlie Ekendahl and drummer Sean Reinert, that the music started to come alive. Together they recorded two demos and began searching for an outlet for their music. Since then, Aghora has become well-known through the Internet in the progressive rock and metal scene. In 1999, the band began work on their debut album. Before the recording sessions started, there was a change of bass player and Sean Malone (who had worked with Reinert in two previous bands) was asked to join Aghora. His entrance into the band and unique playing was the last element in putting together the sound and energy desired by all the band members.
The members of the group are working to get as many distributors as possible for their CD, as well spreading the word about their music through interviews and reviews.

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