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Adam Moore


Ready To Blaze

From the British Isles comes guitarist Adam Moore, with his mostly instrumental CD Curious Liquid, featuring heavy riffs, hard rock melodies and flashy solos influenced by Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Robert Fripp and Steve Vai. Moore set up his own label, Evesound to release this true one-man-band album, doing all the performing, arranging, production and engineering himself. Aside from the blazing rock, he's not above throwing in some esoterica, such as the spoken word piece "Rope Trick", the swirling chord-clouds in "Eve And After", or his freely improvised acoustic tune "Rare Shimmer". "The Lotus Heart" has a thoroughly modern sound, in the Vai tradition, treating the guitar fan to some wildly exotic licks. Moore has certainly laid a good foundation here for a career in instrumental music.


Born in England in 1980, Adam has been playing guitar and making music since he was eleven years old. His first proper instrument was a white Martin acoustic guitar that he still plays today. Adam began taking lessons from local guitar players and was lucky enough to find some excellent teachers. The first song he ever learned to play was "Orange Crush" by R.E.M. during the summer of 1991. After learning many songs and lots of chords and scales, he then focused on turning that knowledge into the kind of songs that turn heads, cause the foot to tap, and possibly induce a tear to fall. Interestingly, an early version of "Mirrors" (from his latest sessions), reached the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest in August, 2005.

Moore is currently working on a second release which, while retaining its focus on guitar playing, puts a greater emphasis on songwriting, introduces vocals (huh?) and incorporates influences such as Pink Floyd, Richard Thompson, Joni Mitchell, Tom Petty and Mark Knopfler. Look for it on the Evesound label sometime in late 2005.

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