The Undiscovered: Adam McDonald

Adam McDonald


Cookin' Up Rock Blues & Country

Canadian guitarist and guitar instructor Adam McDonald submitted his three song instrumental demo CD-R, recorded with a custom Strat, a Roland GR33 guitar synth and a Yamaha DG80 amp. Designed to showcase his current interest in writing more guitar oriented instrumental songs, the demo kicks off with "Rice Fever" a metal/shred ripper that displays Asian influences, deft single-string excursions, killer vibrato and a furious solo. The second piece, "Matter Of Time" kinds of blends a blues thing with a modern rock, funk and fusion sense, and allows him to demonstrate his 'keyboard' skills using the guitar synth, as he trades off solos with himself on overdriven guitar. Finally, McDonald winds up with a cover of Steve Vai's "Eugene's Trick Bag" from the movie "Crossroads", this time arranged in a polka style, and entitled, appropriately enough, "Eugene's Polka". A fun piece and a good way to close out the demo.


Adam began playing the guitar by ear at age eight, later getting an electric guitar and taking lessons at age fourteen. Listening to the Shrapnel artists such as Paul Gilbert and Vinnie Moore, as well as Danny Gatton, inspired him to practice harder and develop his skills. Adam started teaching guitar at age sixteen, and currently has a roster of 70 students he instructs on a weekly basis. He has also engineered, produced and performed on various local artists' CDs, as well as composed radio jingles. Adam has been in several bands, delving into folk, country and rock styles. He has been a finalist in a radio based song competition and VH1's Song Of The Year contest. While living in Asia, Wilkey sent out demos and was contacted by Polygram Records (Taiwan), who expressed interest in his material.

In addition to his teaching schedule, McDonald currently finds time to perform in a classic rock band, playing covers and originals.

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