The Undiscovered: Adam Denhoff

Adam Denhoff


Melodic Fusion/Shred Dominates Class Project

Now this is a good demo, especially considering. Considering what? Well, considering New Yorker Adam Denhoff is only eighteen years old (although he has six years of guitar playing behind him now). Also considering the demo was recorded as an end-of-the-year project for seniors at his high school. The four melodic fusion/shred tracks on his demo CD-R display the work of a more-than-proficient guitarist, as Denhoff rips it up over fairly simple drums and synth backing tracks. He wrote and recorded the demo as a showcase for his guitar abilities and it succeeds nicely on that level. "Cinderella's Libido" is set ablaze with furious legato licks, while "Yacht Cruise" sets sail for the Land of Shred, Denhoff supplying the energy with slick, lightning guitar work (shades of Greg Howe and Frank Gambale). Compositionally of course, Denhoff has room to grow, but that's the thing - he's only eighteen. No problem there. We'll be hearing a lot more from Mr. Denhoff as he progresses over the next few years.


Adam got started in music at the age of 10 on piano, but Guns 'n' Roses music is what turned him on to the six string. He started taking guitar lessons at age 12, learning power chords and Nirvana tunes. Later, he took lessons from a session player, Tomas Cataldo, who introduced Adam to guitarists such as Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Yngwie Malmsteen and all the shredders. He is currently very serious about the guitar, and is enrolled as a freshman at New York University's Music Technology program.

His future plans are uncertain, however Denhoff expresses a preference for learning the arts of film and television scoring. He also wouldn't mind joining a hard rock band in the New York area, because he loves playing live shows more than anything else in the world. New York area rock bands, attention please! Contact Denhoff at the e-mail link below.

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