The Undiscovered: Adam Delacour

Adam Delacour


English Guitarist Looks For Record Company Interest

Adam Delacour submitted an EP-length CD-R collection entitled Passing Over, which contains four instrumental tracks and one vocal number. Delacour is a very talented guitarist with a heavy fusion/hard rock style and a penchant for unusual arrangements and grooves. The opener "Nocturne" has a driving metallic sound, with wah-wah melodic themes and a blistering fusion-inspired solo. Another song with a skillful use of the wah is "To Infinity And Beyond", a compositionally challenging number with an infectious verse and a shred-quality solo. "The Chaos Theory" will have you 'air guitaring' the fusion solo, reminiscent of Frank Gambale. The guitar work is strong top to bottom; however the vocal number, "It's Been Said", just left us thinking, "Why sing?" Adam's got instrumental and guitaristic gifts, let's hope they get put to good use.


Adam started playing guitar when he was fourteen, influenced by players such as Richie Kotzen, Steve Vai and Marty Friedman. He loved metal, but gradually got heavily into bebop and players such as Pat Martino. Adam then started writing instrumental songs ("Nocturne" was his first piece), experimenting musically as well as technically. He studied composition at the London College of Music, and has played in a variety of bands, from jazz to hip-hop to a Faith No More cover band. Adam works as a guitar tutor for the Kent Music School and looks forward to becoming a tutor at the International Guitar Festival in Bath.

Delacour is currently working on a vocal album to be recorded next year. He is looking for record company interest, as he wishes for his 'weird and wonderful material' to be exposed to a wider audience.

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