The Undiscovered: Abstract



Trio Releases Instrumental Rock Demo

Abstract is a three piece instrumental group out of San Jose, California. The band was originally formed by guitarist/songwriter Bill Lonero along with drummer Brice Busch (later adding bassist Dave Reigert). Their demo cassette features three songs representing the combination of all their musical influences ranging from Otis Redding and Tribal Tech to Steve Vai and Aerosmith. Lonero favors a wah wah pedal to add to the expressiveness of his improvisational sections, which are heavy, uncompromising and full of fire, especially on the extended jams of "Top Hat". The slower number, "Half Moon Nights", displays the subtle side of Lonero's abilities and offers a strong melodic concept.


Bill Lonero has been playing guitar for 20 years, having picked up his first 6-string at the tender age of 7. Brice Busch has over 8 years experience on the drums while "BassMan" Dave Reigert has been holding down the low end for approximately 10 years. All three members of Abstract exhibit a passion for their instruments and music in general, whether it is the toe tapping boogie of "Sidestepping" to the lyrical melody of "Top Hat" or the mood evoking "Half Moon Nights".

With the three songs from Three Piece Feast, Abstract is well positioned to begin making a noise in the competitive music industry.

Contact Information

438 Hyde Park Dr
San Jose CA 95136
United States