The Undiscovered: 23rd Hour

23rd Hour


Pointing Toward The Future Of Modern Music

23rd Hour's first, self-produced CD, Immortal Coil, demonstrates an eclectic blend of industrial and contemporary music, combined with progressive rock influences such as Rush and King Crimson. Bassist Matt Berlin and guitarist Alf Seegert have joined forces to help 23rd Hour create a truly distinctive sound and style. Seegert, an adroit guitarist from Salt Lake City, has a sense of phrasing that is consistently challenging, yet fits in perfectly with the rhythmic intensity of the music. Berlin's bass parts take an only slightly less than center stage; as with most three-piece bands, the bass takes on a huge melodic and rhythmic responsibility. Berlin's playing sounds great, without giving the listener the impression he wants to be a guitarist, and he is given several spots on the CD to showcase his abilities.


23rd Hour evolved from year's of hard work and creative effort on the part of the band's members. Since 1986, percussionist Paul Hartzog and bassist Berlin have collectively applied their talents to a variety of musical projects and have been involved with several bands in South Carolina, Utah and New Mexico. They finally recruited guitarist Seegert and vocalist Trent Levesque to complete the 23rd Hour lineup that recorded Immortal Coil.

Their CD was released in December, 1995 on the band's own label, Cydonia Records.

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