Uli Jon Roth "From Here To Eternity"

Uli Jon Roth "From Here To Eternity"

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Uli Jon Roth
From Here To Eternity
The Story
"From Here To Eternity" is a special 3 CD set which brings together three CDs worth of German guitarist Uli Jon Roth's songs, from the albums "Earthquake", "Fire Wind" and "Sky Of Avalon: Prologue To The Symphonic Legends". In addition, the third CD also features the "Aquila Suite", twelve arpeggio concert etudes for solo piano, recorded in 1991. Roth wrote all the etudes, and a computer 'generated' the final performances heard on the CD.
The Music
=== DISC 1 === Vocal
05:16 Electric Sun Vocal
02:49 Lilac Vocal
06:41 Burning Wheels Turning Vocal
03:52 Japanese Dream Vocal
04:06 Sundown Vocal
01:25 Winterdays Instrumental
04:40 Still So Many Miles Away Vocal
10:31 Earthquake Instrumental
=== DISC 2 === Vocal
03:56 Cast Away Your Chains Vocal
05:16 Indian Dawn Vocal
05:00 I'll Be Loving You Always Vocal
05:03 Fire Wind Vocal
01:22 Prelude In Space Minor Instrumental
03:54 Just Another Rainbow Vocal
03:23 Children Of The Sea Vocal
05:45 Chaplin And I Vocal
10:37 Hiroshima Vocal
=== DISC 3 === Vocal
04:46 Bridge To Heaven Vocal
02:02 Thunder Bay Vocal
02:31 Pegasus Instrumental
02:12 Starships Of Dawn Vocal
05:55 Winds Of War Vocal
01:08 Sky Valley Instrumental
02:55 The Wings Of Avalon Instrumental
02:14 Until The End Of Time Vocal
01:10 Tod Und Zerstorung Vocal
01:39 E Lucevan Le Stelle Instrumental
04:41 Starlight Vocal
02:01 Aquila - The Eagle And The Rainbow Instrumental
02:24 Zephyrus - The Southwind - Je Reviens Instrumental
02:24 Endymion - The Eternal Sleeper - Balahe Instrumental
02:53 Ballerina - Dance With Infinity Instrumental
01:44 Aprilis - Melting Snow Of The North Instrumental
03:58 Cygnus - The Swan Of The West Instrumental
00:50 Aeolos - Father Of The Winds - Autumn... Instrumental
02:16 Flora - Bride Of The Summer Wind Instrumental
01:53 Boreas - Northeast Winter Wind Instrumental
04:17 Lethe - River Of Oblivion - Arpege Instrumental
01:46 Galatea - Daughter Of Oceans Instrumental
02:18 Aqua Vitae - Poseidon's Water Of Life... Instrumental
The Artists
Uli Jon Roth Guitars, Vocals, Production, Keyboards, Bass, Computer Work, Artwork, Concept, Orchestral Direction, Engineering, Photography, Sky Productions Design
Clive Edwards Drums
Ule Ritgen Bass
Sidhatta Guatama Drums, Percussion
Tommy Heart Lead Vocals on 1, 5, 8, Harmony Vocals on 4, 5, 9 on "Sky Of Avalon"
Michael Flexig Lead Vocals on 4, 9, 11, Harmony Vocals on 4, 11 on "Sky Of Avalon"
Leonora Gold Lead Soprano on 2, Harmony Vocals on 1, 9, Choir on "Sky Of Avalon"
Steve Bentley-Klein Principal Violin
Roger Smith Principal Cello
Doug Bennett Engineering, Mixing, Engineering (Basic Tracks on "Fire Wind")
David Hamilton-Smith Engineering on "Winterdays"
Guy Bidmead Mixing on "Winterdays"
Ray Hendrickson Engineering of Drum Tracks on 2 and 3 on "Earthquake"
Monika Danneman "Earthquake" Sleeve Painting, "Fire Wind" Sleeve Painting, Illustrations
Laurence Burrage Engineering (Guit. Overdubs)
Manfred Brunwey Engineering (Vocals, Percussion)
Thomas Kuluck Engineering (Vocals, Bass), Mixing
Ralf Winter Engineering
Lori Lane Engineering
Erwin Musper Engineering
Helge Engelke Drum Sound and Mixing Assistance on 1, 4, 11 on "Sky Of Avalon"
John Oram Technical Support and Assistance
Dave Cherry Technical Support and Assistance
Chris Adam Technical Support and Assistance
Nick Owen Technical Support and Assistance
Chris Wright Technical Support and Assistance
Mathias Dittner Sky Productions Design
Jerry Fowler Sky Productions Design
"Earthquake" recorded between November 1978 and January 1979 at Olympic Studios, London.

"Earthquake" mixed in February, 1979 at Olympic 1 and 3.

"Earthquake" Tape Ops: Lawrence and Bill.

"Earthquake" drum tracks 2 and 3 recorded at Scorpio Sound, London, England.

"Fire Wind" recorded between March and May, July and August 1980 at Olympic Sound Studios, London Additional overdubs in August and September 1980 and October 1980 at Russl Studios, Hamburg.

"Sky Of Avalon" recorded and mixed at Sky Studios, England.

"Sky Of Avalon" choir: Francesca, Beryll, Sharon, Lucianne, Berenice.

"Sky Of Avalon" additional technical support and assistance by Lionheart.

Music on "Aquila Suite" has been computer generated.