Uli Jon Roth "Earthquake"

Uli Jon Roth "Earthquake"

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Uli Jon Roth
The Story
Uli Jon Roth's 1979 album, entitled "Earthquake" (which, along with Fire Wind, were his first two releases after leaving the Scorpions), is very much Jimi Hendrix influenced (in fact, the album is dedicated to the Spirit Of Jimi Hendorx) with many strong numbers. Strong tracks include "Burning Wheels Turning" and "Still So Many Lives Away", which have the most fantastic guitar solos, and perhaps one of Uli's most famous solo. Another good song is the opening track, "Electric Sun", in which Uli welcomes the world to the Electric Sun band/concept with a one minute opening guitar salvo/solo that will leave guitar fans breathless. The CD is worth a buy for the two instrumental tracks alone - the very brief but cool "Winterdays" and the closing title track, a ten minute plus opus of Strat magic, with its well thought out arrangement and briliant classical workouts, weaving what would become Roth's trademark sonic tapestry
The Music
05:16 Electric Sun Vocal
02:49 Lilac Vocal
06:41 Burning Wheels Turning Vocal
03:52 Japanese Dream Vocal
04:06 Sundown Vocal
01:25 Winterdays Instrumental
04:40 Still So Many Miles Away Vocal
10:31 Earthquake Instrumental
The Artists
Uli Jon Roth Guitars, Vocals, Production
Clive Edwards Drums
Ule Ritgen Bass
Doug Bennett Engineering, Mixing
David Hamilton-Smith Engineering on "Winterdays"
Guy Bidmead Mixing on "Winterdays"
Ray Hendrickson Engineering of Drum Tracks on 2 and 3
Monika Danneman "Earthquake" Sleeve Painting, Illustrations
George Kalantzis Original Sleeve
Brian Burrows Sleeve Remix
Rich Warfield Original Masters Logo
Recorded between November 1978 and January 1979 at Olympic Studios, London.

Mixed in February, 1979 at Olympic 1 and 3.

Tape Ops: Lawrence and Bill.

Drum tracks 2 and 3 recorded at Scorpio Sound, London, England.