UFO "Showtime"

UFO "Showtime"


The Story
UFO have been operating with their strongest line-up in years since the release of their 2004 studio album, "You Are Here". The three original band members, Phil Mogg (vocals), Pete Way (bass) and Paul Raymond (keyboards), were joined by Jason Bonham on drums and the exceptional guitarist, Vinnie Moore.

UFO's success story began in 1969, when Phil Mogg and Pete Way formed the band in England. They borrowed their name from a legendary London music club, impressed audiences with their unmistakable style and proved with their albums "UFO 1", "Flying" and "UFO Live" that they had their finger on the pulse of their rapidly growing fan community. "Phenomenon" (1974), "Force It" (1975) and "No Heavy Pettin'" (1976), which arrived in succession, marked their international breakthrough. 1979 saw the arrival of their live recording, "Strangers In The Night", referred to as one of the best live albums by experts, and one of the best-selling live albums of all time. Following years with changing line-ups, the band returned to the top in autumn 1993 with their comeback recording, "Walk On Water", and have been among the strongest live acts world-wide ever since, releasing two more awesome studio offerings in "Covenant" (2000) and "Sharks" (2002). The current line-up cut "You Are Here" in 2004, voted among the ten best albums ever by the British music magazine, Classic Rock.

Now with the double live "Showtime" DVD, UFO are again ready to show rock fans worldwide what made UFO such a dominant force for so many years.

Special DVD features include: 2-Disc Set, 1:1.85 Widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Dolby Digital Stereo, Making Of DVD, Slideshow, Band Biography, Discography, Making Of Studio Songs, Rockboat (Documentary), USA 2004 (Documentary), History (Interviews), Bonus Statements (Interviews), Credits.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the live songs "Mother Mary", "When Daylight Goes To Town", "Let It Roll". "I'm A Loser", "This Kids", "The Wild One", "Fighting Man", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Baby Blue", "Mr. Freeze", "Love To Love", "Too Hot Too Handle", "Lights Out", "Rock Bottom", "Doctor Doctor", "Shoot Shoot", and the Audio Studio recordings "Pack It Up And Go (Peppermint Park Studio Session, May 26th 2005)", "Try Me (Peppermint Park Studio Session, May 26th 2005)", "Love To Love (Peppermint Park Studio Session, May 26th 2005)", "Slipping Away (Peppermint Park Studio Session, May 26th 2005)", "Cherry (Peppermint Park Studio Session, May 26th 2005)" and "Profession Of Violence (Peppermint Park Studio Session, May 26th 2005)".