Tunnels "Painted Rock"

Tunnels "Painted Rock"

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Painted Rock
The Story
Mike Haid at Fuse Magazine writes about "Painted Rock", "Right away there is an open, airy, jazzy fusion vibe that dominates this release. Speaking of vibes, Marc Wagnon once again headlines this instrumental quartet playing "MIDI vibes" and guiding the music. The mellow toned Van Manakas on guitar shares the improvisation with Wagnon as the inventive rhythm section of Frank Katz (drums) and Brand X bass legend Percy Jones explore the grooves. There is excellent variety on this release from the intense drum driven "Neuro- Transmitter" to the floating "Quai Des Brumes." The rhythm section of Jones and Katz is very inspirational as they perform with a deeply agressive emotion that carries much of the material. "Neuro-Transmitter" is an epic fusion piece that allows all members to explore their instrument from a sensitive, as well as spastic, point of veiw. Lots of interesting rhythms, melodies, sounds and time feels are what make this release an exceptional instrumental collection that serious fusion lovers will certainly enjoy. This music moves in a fresh, new direction."
The Music
05:25 Painted Rock Instrumental
05:23 Land Of The Hazmats Instrumental
07:38 House Of Marc Instrumental
04:45 Quai Des Brumes Instrumental
06:50 Neuro-Transmitter Instrumental
05:46 Boyz In The Ud Instrumental
06:56 Black Light Instrumental
10:39 Bad American Dream 2001 Instrumental
04:58 Lilly's Dolphin Instrumental
05:40 Unity Gain Instrumental
The Artists
Van Manakas Guitar
Percy Jones Fretless Bass
Marc Wagnon MIDI Vibes, Production, Engineering
Frank Katz Drums
Sarah Pillow Voice
Matt Hathaway Engineering
Katherine Miller Mastering
Recorded at Buckyball Music Studio, NYC. Additional recording at Big House Studio, NYC.

Mixed at Buckyball Music Studio, NYC.

Mastered at Current Sound Studio, NYC.

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