Trevor Rabin "Instructional DVD For Guitar"

Trevor Rabin "Instructional DVD For Guitar"


Trevor Rabin
Instructional DVD For Guitar
The Story
On his "Instructional DVD For Guitar", Trevor Rabin presents "what you need to know" to improve and develop your skills, style and technique as a rock guitar performer. Learn the A to Z's of how to utilize your equipment to produce the most desired results, one of the most important attributes of developing as a guitarist. Discover Trevor's techniques for speed picking, solo improvisation, left- and right-hand development, tone, bending and creating your own style for an award-winning sound.

Special DVD features include: Lesson Book.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: 1

Additional Facts
Trevor Rabin has earned a worldwide reputation for his innovative work as a musician, producer and composer. Born in South Africa in 1954, hel played guitar with popular bands Conglomeration and Rabbit. Later, Trevor moved to London in 1978, where he produced such acts as Manfred Mann's Earth Band and released solo albums.

After he moved to Los Angeles, he played in an early incarnation of the band Asia and later joined the band Yes. After a decade of success, including three albums and four worldwide tours, Trevor parted ways with Yes. He has since become one of the most sought-after fllm composers in the business, with more than two dozen film soundtracks to his credit. He has written TV theme music for the NBA, NASCAR, and the 2006 Winter Olympics. As a guitarist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter, producer and recording engineer, Trevor has established himself as a leader in the contemporary music field.