Stuart Hamm "The Urge"

Stuart Hamm "The Urge"

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Stuart Hamm
The Urge
The Story
"The Urge" is the first Stuart Hamm album with a few vocal tracks and a few tracks ("Lone Star" and "Our Dreams") featuring Eric Johnson on guitar. "The Urge" includes bassist Hamm's unique rendition of the "Linus And Lucy (The Peanuts Theme" in the live bass solo "Quahogs Anyone?", recorded in Santa Barbara on September 27, 1990. Also making contributions on guitar are Buzzy Feiten, Harry K. Cody, Dawayne Bailey and Steve Recker. This CD is worth picking up for "Lone Star" and Hamm's live solo, at the very least.
The Music
01:36 Welcome To My World Instrumental
04:53 The Hammer Instrumental
06:07 Who Do You Want Me To Be Today? Vocal
05:32 If You're Scared, Stay Home! Vocal
06:05 Our Dreams Vocal
07:24 Lone Star Instrumental
06:12 Quahogs Anyone? Instrumental
07:09 The Urge Vocal
06:01 As Children Instrumental
The Artists
Stuart Hamm Basses, Keys, Piccolo Bass, Vocals, Background Vocals, Production
Jonathan Mover Drums, Additional Vocals
Harry K. Cody Guitar
Eric Johnson Guitar
Dawayne Bailey Rhythm Guitar
Steve Recker Rhythm Guitar
Buzzy Feiten Guitar, Additional Vocals
Steve Madero Horns Background Vocals, Additional Vocals
Tommy Mars Background Vocals
Tommy Lee Additional Vocals
Tanya Papanicolas Whisper
Steve Smith Drums
Shawn Berman Vocals, Samples, Engineering Assistance
Micajah Ryan Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar on bridge of "Our Dreams", Engineering, Mixing
Bob Arkin Additional Vocals
Bill Morgan Additional Vocals
Jorge Bermudez Additional Vocals, Percussion
Bruce Hamm Additional Vocals
Chris Hamm Vocal Chant
Emily Ryan Additional Vocals
Dan Goldberg Additional Vocals
Greg Fulginiti Mastering
Lori Stoll Cover Photography
Mark Leiloha Live Photography
David Bett Art Direction
"Quahogs Anyone?" is a bass solo recorded live at Santa Barbara, September 27, 1990.

"As Children" features the Children of the Valley Home Schoolers.

Recorded at Rumbo Studios, L.A..

Mixed at Ground Control, Santa Monica, CA.

Eric Johnson recorded at Austin City Recorders.