Stuart Bull "Quick Licks: Latin Rock, Carlos Santana"

Stuart Bull "Quick Licks: Latin Rock, Carlos Santana"


Stuart Bull
Quick Licks: Latin Rock, Carlos Santana
The Story
[NOTE: This package includes a DVD-R in NTSC format, and the corresponding DVD in the European PAL format. In the U.S., you may be able to play the PAL version in your computer's DVD/CD drive - check your system.] Learn Latin rock licks in the style of Carlos Santana, whose blend of salsa, rock, blues and jazz fusion, made him one of the most acclaimed guitarists of our time! Also includes guitar jam track. The lessons are hosted by Stuart Bull.

The "Quick Licks: Latin Rock, Carlos Santana" DVD includes an arsenal of licks in the style of this influential Latin rock pioneer to add to your repertoire, plus backing tracks to practice your new found techniques!

DVD-R format (about DVD-R compatibility).

Additional Facts
The DVD is hosted by Stuart Bull, who has taught tens of thousands of guitarists worldwide through the award winning Total Accuracy guitar series. He has made numerous TV appearanes on the Musicians Channel's Advanced Guitar programmes as well as working with major artists from the world of rock and pop.