Stoney Curtis Band "Acid Blues Experience"

Stoney Curtis Band "Acid Blues Experience"

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Stoney Curtis Band
Acid Blues Experience
The Story
The Stony Curtis Band has been working the clubs between Los Angeles and Las Vegas for five years honing their own brand of psychedelic blues rock, readying their show for the road ahead. Heavily steeped in '60s/'70s psychedelia, the Stony Curtis band has translated the energy of their phenomenal live show into the grooves of "Acid Blues Experience". This is one of those rare times when you can almost judge a record by its cover. From the title "Acid Blues Experience", to the front cover depicting Stoney Curtis caught live in the moment in front of a stack of amps, the listeners know to expect something special. In the tradition of classic blues-rock power-trios such as the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, and Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, the Stoney Curtis band are centered around their lead singer/lead guitarist Stoney Curtis who is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive Strat players on the circuit today. "I was going for the power of Zeppelin, the psycadelia of Cream and the Experience, the flow of Robin Trower Band," explains Curtis.
The Music
05:55 Last Train To Chicago Vocal
04:13 Evil Woman Vocal
07:22 Bullets Vocal
05:37 Mulholland Shuffle Vocal
06:51 Crashin' Down Like Thunder Vocal
00:50 Take Off Vocal
05:04 Around The World Vocal
05:41 Colors Vocal
05:26 Free Vocal
05:23 Soul Love Vocal
03:54 Like A Man Vocal
03:09 Baby Needs Lovin' Vocal
09:15 World Without You Vocal
The Artists
Stoney Curtis Guitar, Lead Vocals
Colby Smith Bass
Charles Glover II Drums, Background Vocals
Jesse Bradman Background Vocals
Michael Lardie Keyboards, Lead Vocal Production and Engineering
Mooka Rennick Engineering, Mixing
Jason D'Ottavio Engineering Assistance, Overdub Engineering, Additional Mixing
Michael Wilson Additional Overdub Engineering
Tim Gennert Mastering
Kelly Garni Photography
Dave Stephens Graphic Design
Mike Varney Production, Guest Guitar Solo on "World Without You", Background Vocals
Basic tracks and guitar overdubs recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati.

Lead vocals recorded at JAVA JAG studios, Las Vegas.

Mixed at Prairie Sun Studios.

Mastered at Eugene Productions.