Steve Smith "Vital Information"

Steve Smith "Vital Information"

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Steve Smith
Vital Information
The Story
Drummer Steve Smith's first recording all instrumental outing with his own group, "Vital Information", was originally released in 1983, and features both Dean Brown and Mike Stern. It is now available on CD for the first time. Tracks such as "Stoughton To Stockholm Samba", "Looks Bad Feels Good" and "All That Is" (with its blistering Stern workout) set a tone and precedent then that carried the "Vital Information" idea all the way through to the present day - they still have legions of dedicated fans. Bassist Tim Landers, who had played with both Stern and Brown at the Berklee College of Music, teamed with Smith and saxophonist Dave Wiczewski, and stayed with "Vital Information" for a stretch that lasted for three years and four releases. Smith, without the contraints and limitations of a pop/rock format, proved himself to be a versatile and intense drummer - finally establishing his own jazz identity.
The Music
04:30 Looks Bad Feels Good Instrumental
06:33 Questionable Arrivals Instrumental
04:49 V.G. Instrumental
03:42 Vital Information Instrumental
07:42 All That Is Instrumental
08:15 Stoughton To Stockholm Samba Instrumental
06:51 13th Month Instrumental
The Artists
Mike Stern Guitar
Dean Brown Guitar
Steve Smith Drums, Piano on Track 7, Production, Arrangements, Mixing
Tim Landers Bass, Arrangement Assistance
Dave Wilczewski Tenor Sax, Arrangement Assistance
Vic Anesini Reissue Mastering
Phil Greene Engineering, Mixing
Tom Soares Engineering Assistance
Bob Ludwig Mastering
Jim Welch Art, Photography
George Butler Executive Production
Recorded January of 1983 at Normandy Sound, Warren, Rhode Island.

Mixed on the Mitsubishi X 80 Digital Two Track.

Mastered at Masterdisk, Inc., New York.

Remastered at Sony Music Studios, NY.