Steve Morse "Major Impacts"

Steve Morse "Major Impacts"

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Steve Morse
Major Impacts
The Story
"Major Impacts" is a new collection of original compositions inspired by the musicians who most influenced Steve Morse. You'll find all instrumental tunage inspired by impact bands and players such as Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, The Byrds, Jimmy Page, John McLaughlin, The Rolling Stones, Mountain, Eric Johnson, Alex Lifeson, George Harrison, The Allman Brothers Band, Kansas and Yes. Morse states, "The challenges were there - like trying to give the impression of a guitarist in a vocal band with an original piece of music that doesn't use lyrics. And what are the components of a style? How to reflect those without actually repeating myself? The solution was to use familiar tempos, phrasing, instrumentation, and reminiscent themes that would be literally original but obviously intended to imitate. If part of "Major Impacts" reminds you of another tune, you can be pretty sure that it was intended. I hope you enjoy it."
The Music
04:45 Derailleur Gears Instrumental
04:20 Well, I Have Instrumental
05:30 TruthOla Instrumental
04:02 Migration Instrumental
05:52 Led On Instrumental
03:20 The White Light Instrumental
04:29 How Does It Feel? Instrumental
04:01 Bring It To Me Instrumental
04:35 Something Gently Weeps Instrumental
04:32 Free In The Park Instrumental
06:01 Prognosis Instrumental
The Artists
Steve Morse All Guitars, Extraneous Overdubs, Production, Mixing
Dave LaRue Bass
Van Romaine Drums
R. Chris Murphy Mixing
Leon Zervos Mastering
Rob LaVaque Premastering
Lawrence Marino Photography
Dave McKean Illustration, Design
All songs written by Steve Morse.

Recorded and mixed at MOR Studios, Florida.

Mastered at Masterdisk, NYC.

Premastered at Gravity Pool.