Steve Morse "High Tension Wires"

Steve Morse "High Tension Wires"

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Steve Morse
High Tension Wires
The Story
"High Tension Wires" was super-picker Steve Morse' first actual solo album, but also featured selections including other musicians to contrast the solo pieces. Many of the pieces are not as frenzied as a lot of Morse's other material, featuring a good amount of acoustic work, although the guitarist's blazing right hand can be heard on tracks such as "Tumeni Notes", a neo-classical metal rave. "Third Power" also contains examples of crunchy riffs, speedy fills and artificial harmonic embellishment. Overall, "High Tension Wires" does showcase Morse in his own element with incredible guitar work over some quite challenging original material.
The Music
03:12 Ghostwind Instrumental
04:48 The Road Home Instrumental
03:46 Country Colors Instrumental
03:21 Highland Wedding Instrumental
04:15 Third Power Instrumental
03:59 Looking Back Instrumental
06:24 Leprechaun Promenade Instrumental
04:10 Tumeni Notes Instrumental
03:46 Endless Waves Instrumental
02:19 Modoc Instrumental
The Artists
Steve Morse Electric Guitars, Acoustic 12 String Guitar, Acoustic 6 String Guitar, Stereo Electric Classical Guitar, Synthesizers, Production, Mixing, Engineering
Allen Sloan Violin
Rod Morgenstein Drums
T Lavitz Synthesizers, Piano, Keyboards
Jerry Peek Bass
Andy West Bass
Ricky Schultz Executive Production
Rick Sandidge Engineering, Mixing
Tom Wright Engineering
Glenn Meadows Mastering
Kathleen Covert Art Direction, Design
Rick Valicenti Cover Photography
All songs written by Steve Morse.

Recorded at M.O.R. Studio, Atlanta, GA.

Drums recorded at Cheshire Sound, Atlanta, GA.

Mixed at Mark V/Sandcastle, Greenville, South Carolina and M.O.R. Studio, Atlanta, GA.

Mastered at Masterfonics, Nashville, Tennessee.

Photography by Mindas.