Steve Morse Band "Live In Baden-Baden Germany"

Steve Morse Band "Live In Baden-Baden Germany"


Steve Morse Band
Live In Baden-Baden Germany
The Story
By the early part of the 'Big '80s', pioneering fusion ensemble the Dixie Dregs were put on indefinite hiatus. From its ashes arose a consummate power trio of immeasurable, nigh unfathomable talent. The Steve Morse Band took instrumental virtuosity to new and unprecedented heights. Fusing blinding technical prowess with passionate and evocative song structures, the band crafted a high water mark of 'lyrical' instrumentation as unique as it was spell binding.

Building upon a rich and dynamic creative style forged with the Dregs, guitar sage Steve Morse concocted a blend of intoxicating musical brew he himself could only describe as, "Too rock for jazz." Rounding out this amazing trio are bass master/wunderkind Dave LaRue and mercurial drummer extraordinaire Van Romaine.

This DVD, "Live In Baden-Baden Germany", presents two scintillating performances, culled from the vaults of German televisions' Ohne Filter show. Whether you're a fan of the band, of exciting instrumental music, or just curious and daring, I (writer Darren Tucci) implore you to plunge yourself head first into the breathtaking audio-visual experience of the Steve Morse Band.

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital 5.0 Audio, Dolby Digital Stereo, 4 Additional Performances, Promotional Video.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the song "The Introduction", "General Lee", "Country Colors", "Sleaze Factor", "Highland Wedding", "Tumeni Notes", "Point Counterpoint", "Night Meets Light", "Ice Cakes", "Rock 'N' Roll Park", "Pride Of The Farm" and "Cruise Missile".