Shredding Blues Licks: Wide Intervals

Welcome back to this issue's Shredding Blues Licks. This month we're going to look at adding some wide interval ideas to your playing. Here's four patterns to start out with that help you break that scale pattern syndrome that a lot of players get stuck in.


Basically think of these as you might with barre chords, meaning that each shape can be moved up and down the neck. Now play the Maj(9)(13), say in the key of C major. You can start that pattern on C (8th fret), F (1st/13th fret), G (3rd/15th fret), Min 11th pattern on D (10th fret), A (5th/17th fret), Maj9(+11) on the F(1st/13th fret) and Dom11 shape on G(3rd/15th fret). Now once you learn these shapes, trying going between patterns, say using only the E, B and G strings. The possibilities are endless, so free your mind!

OK, now to put these thangs to work! This lick combines wide intervals, slides, sweeps and the good 'ol pentatonic scale so go get 'em and have fun.


MP3 - Lick

Any questions or comments feel free to give me a holler. See ya!

Danny Jones is a rock guitarist from the Northern California/Bay Area.

Danny is a former student of Joe Satriani, and a 2x Best Of The Bay winner.

His latest CD is entitled "Finding My Way".

Danny Jones