Shredding Blues Licks: Double Stops

Hope everybody had a nice holiday season and welcome back to this issue's Shredding Blues Licks. When I started writing for this month's issue I thought I'd change things up a bit, so instead of the head snapping single line runs we've been working on so far, I thought we'd work on some double stop ideas to soothe the mind a little.

Actually when I perform live these little double stop ideas are great for real dynamic change, meaning that you can really bring things down and give the music a chance to breathe a little, and then kick back in to all the wild stuff!

Example 1 is my Stevie Ray tribute lick - can't help it, my fingers just play it when I start playing the blues. All hail Stevie! The tricky part (if you're not used to this stuff) is using the pick with your second finger to strike the two notes together. Take it slow and make the phrasing sing!


MP3 - Example 1

Now with Example 2, you'll pick all the notes on the D string and your second and third fingers will pluck the rest of the notes. Again, at first, don't worry about playing these that fast. You'll want to get some kind of rythmic sense with these - they're harder than they look but well worth it!


MP3 - Example 2

Example 3, when played at a fast tempo, can be a real head turner! We're only using the pick on the D string and your second and third fingers for the rest.


MP3 - Example 3

These three licks will work in both A minor and A major, depending on the phrasing, so have fun and I'll see ya next time.

Danny Jones is a rock guitarist from the Northern California/Bay Area.

Danny is a former student of Joe Satriani, and a 2x Best Of The Bay winner.

His latest CD is entitled "Finding My Way".

Danny Jones