"In Session With Korn"

 "In Session With Korn"


In Session With Korn
The Story
It seemed to many that the only bands carrying the torch for guitarists in early nineties popular music were the indie bands. The rap-rock revolution changed all of this in the late nineties: Korn were very much at the forefront, combining sledge hammer guitar riffs with the atmospheric urban rhythms of rap and dance music. "In Session With Korn" contains six Korn originals in a songbook with a backing CD for you to play along with.

All songs are fully notated and tabbed with top lines, lyrics and chord symbols. There is also a breakdown and analysis of each solo, containing essential hints and tips for mastering them. On top of this are biographical notes on the artist and a Korn discography. The CD has full demonstration and backing tracks, it too has a slowed down accompaniment for the solo sections (the solos are also demonstrated in full) to facilitate easier practicing.

Features the following tracks: "Freak On A Leash", "Shoots And Ladders", "Justin", "Got The Life", "A.D.I.D.A.S" and "Pretty".

Now you can become the featured session guitarist on six Korn tracks, transcribed and arranged exclusively by guitarists for guitarists.

Additional Facts
From little acorns, oak trees grow. A chance meeting on the sunny island of Lanzarote in 1991 has led to a great musical and business success story. Stuart Bull (one half of Total Accuracy's founding team) was playing guitar to a blues backing track in a tourist bar Kim Waller (the other half of the team, and an aspiring guitarist) watched him perform and was suitably impressed. Later, Kim approached Stuart to make a backing track for his own personal use, which he did. Kim then discovered his playing improved in leaps and bounds. This gave the pair a great idea....

A mere six months after their original meeting, Kim and Stuart formed Total Accuracy. They produced full-band CD backing tracks of original blues and rock styles for guitarists to practice and improvise over. This was later expanded to include classic rock, pop and blues songs, coming complete with full guitar tablature and two versions of each song on the CD. One is complete with the guitar part - to hear what it should sound like - and one professional backing track where the guitar is missing, so you can fill it in.

Total Accuracy has gone on to become the world's best producer of backing track CDs for guitarists, winning awards and becoming the market leader in just eight short years.

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Guitar World USA

"Invaluable, they can practically guarantee progress"

Guitarist Magazine

"The hottest new guitar tuition package in years"

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"Superb, ideal for beginners or advanced players"

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