Schenker/Pattison Summit "The Endless Jam Continues"

Schenker/Pattison Summit "The Endless Jam Continues"

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Schenker/Pattison Summit
The Endless Jam Continues
The Story
Well, they said it was endless, right? As in never-ending, without end, continuing forever? The Schenker Pattison Summit is a melding of musical super powers. For the ultimate rhythm section, they enlisted help from one of rock's most well known drummers, Aynsley Dunbar (UFO, Journey, Starship, Whitesnake) as qwll as world renowned bassist Tim Bogery (Jeff Beck, Cactus). "The Endless Jam Continues" picks up where the first CD left off (and never ended) and surpasses it, containing extended versions of rock classics such as "Layla" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" which features some of the greatest guitar solos of Schenker's stellar career. Seldom does an album come together with some of the greatest talents in rock history. "The Endless Jam Continues" is such a record.
The Music
05:12 Rock Steady Vocal
06:49 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Vocal
06:44 Too Rolling Stoned Vocal
07:56 Layla Vocal
05:42 I'm Losing You Vocal
05:29 The Hunter Vocal
04:58 Badge Vocal
04:59 I Don't Need No Doctor Vocal
07:07 Dear Mr. Fantasy Vocal
06:07 Wang Dang Doodle Vocal
04:45 I'd Love To Change The World Vocal
The Artists
Michael Schenker Lead Guitar
Davey Pattison Vocals
Aynsley Dunbar Drums
Tim Bogart Bass
Kevin Curry Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Signature Lines, Engineering, Arrangements
Mark Robertson Keyboards
Jesse Bradman Additional Background Vocals
Craig Small Percussion on "Rock Steady"
Mike Varney Production
Michael Lardie Engineering
Jason D'Ottavio Engineering, Additional Mixing
Michael Wilson Engineering
Timin Murray Engineering
Mooka Rennick Mixing
Rich Tereshinski Mixing Assistance
Tim Gennert Mastering
Mark Robertson Engineering
Bass and drums recorded at the Tone Factory.

Kevin Curry's tracks recorded at Kevinth Heaven.

Michael Schenker's lead guitars and Davey Pattison's vocals recorded at Prairie Sun Studios.

Keyboards and background vocals recorded at Goldfinger Studios.

Mixed at Prairie Sun Studios.

Mastered at Eugene Productions.