Robben Ford "Discovering The Blues"

Robben Ford "Discovering The Blues"

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Robben Ford
Discovering The Blues
The Story
Clarence Atkins writes in the liner notes, "Taken from live performances at the Ash Grove in Hollywood and the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, the repertoire for "Discovering The Blues" holds considerable appeal to both blues and jazz aficionados. Robben kicks off "Sweet Sixteen" with a searing guitar solo that leads into his emotional vocal chorus. "You Drive A Hard Bargain" is a well articulated Ford original, while on John Lee Hooker's "It's My Own Fault", Ford gives his impression of Hooker's suggested dicta. The instrumental ballad "You Don't Know What Love Is" provides a platform for Robben's soulful saxophone solo. "Raining In My Heart" features the singing of Ford in the classic Chicago blues mode and clearly shows the capacity of his band to really swing as they support him. The final track, "Blue & Lonesome", epitomizes what the entire record is about... classical blues presentations from a musical phenomenon and his band, as they elucidate and demonstrate "Discovering The Blues"."
The Music
12:33 Sweet Sixteen Vocal
05:42 You Drive A Hard Bargain Vocal
10:28 It's My Own Fault Vocal
08:49 You Don't Know What Love Is Instrumental
03:34 My Time After Awhile Vocal
10:33 Raining In My Heart Vocal
08:25 Blue & Lonesome Vocal
The Artists
Robben Ford Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals
Paul Nagle Keyboards
Stan Poplin Bass
Jim Baum Drums
Jerry Goldstein Production
Mike Vernon Production
John Bolden Remix Production
Terry Bolden II Remix Production
Eddie Levine Executive Production
Chris Huston Engineering
Stan Agol Engineering
Larry Goetz Remix Engineering
Alan Yoshida Remastering
Pat Sullivan Editing
Abbey Anna Production Coordination
Recorded live by Far Out Mobile Recording Unit in 1972 at the Ash Grove, Hollywood, CA and the Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, CA.

Remixed at Room 222 Recording, Los Angeles, CA.

Re-mastered and edited at A&M Mastering, Hollywood, CA.

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