Robben Ford "The Blues And Beyond"

Robben Ford "The Blues And Beyond"


Robben Ford
The Blues And Beyond
The Story
Robben Ford's "The Blues And Beyond" instructional DVD reveals Robben's advanced concepts for improvising and comping. Performing his well-known renditions of several blues classics, Robben demonstrates how he plays over chord changes. Robben also discusses phrasing and playing "outside" using pentatonic, diminished, and melodic minor scales. Check out the "Miles Groove," where Robben plays a great solo combining blues, bebop, and modern "out" lines. And to help you capture Robben's unique style, most of the solos, chords, and playing demonstrations have been transcribed in the music and tab book included.

Special DVD features include: Booklet, Dolby Digital Stereo, Additional Robben Ford Performance Video Footage, Learn About Robben's Trio, Robben's Guitars And Stage Setup, Robben Ford Catalog, Internet Connectivity.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Most of the solos, chords and playing demonstrations have been transcribed in the accompanying music and tab booklet.

Additional Facts
Robben Ford has played and toured with legends like Miles Davis, George Harrison, Joni Mitchell and Michael McDonald and has long been considered one of the finest blues players aound, but musicians also know Robben to be a true innovator in contemporary jazz fusion guitar.