Robben Ford & The Blue Line "Mystic Mile"

Robben Ford & The Blue Line "Mystic Mile"

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Robben Ford & The Blue Line
Mystic Mile
The Story
For Robben Ford & The Blue Line's second release on Stretch Records, Robben Ford reveals himself to be a budding songwriter as well as one of the great guitarists of the past decade. "I have always been a player," says the one-time guitarist for The Yellowjackets and the Miles Davis band. "I've always been coming much more from the instrument, getting my inspiration from players like John Coltrane and Miles Davis and people like that. Its pretty new to me to be concentrating on songwriting but I've really been doing it a lot over the last three years, and I think finally something original is starting to come about." The title track of "Mystic Mile" is perhaps the best example of his daring new direction that Ford has taken. He attributes the inspiration for this moody composition to Bob Dylan's haunting "Man in The Long Black Coat." Another tune that shows Robben's growth as a songwriter is the gentle acoustic "Trying To Do The Right Thing," a personal statement of devotion to his wife.
The Music
04:31 He Don't Play Nothing But The Blues Vocal
04:28 Busted Up Vocal
03:52 Politician Vocal
06:21 Worried Life Blues Vocal
04:33 Misdirected Blues Vocal
05:19 Moth To A Flame Vocal
03:30 Trying To Do The Right Thing Vocal
05:12 Say What's On Your Mind Vocal
05:58 The Plunge Instrumental
07:06 Mystic Mile Vocal
The Artists
Robben Ford Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals, Production, Arrangement
Roscoe Beck Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Lead Vocals ("Say What's On Your Mind"), Production, Arrangement
Tom Brechtlein Drums, Background Vocals ("Busted Up"), Production
David Grissom Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitar ("Trying To Do The Right Thing")
Bob Malach Saxophone, Arrangement
Dan Fornero Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Arrangement
Walter New Engineering, Mixing
Ron Moss Executive Production
Jeff Sheehan Additional Engineering
Chick Corea Executive Production, Splings, Zings & Thunks on "Moth To A Flame"
Rob Ruscoe Engineering Assistance
Jeff Rivera Equipment Technician
Bernie Grundman Mastering
Michael Landy Post-Production
Joseph Doughney Post-Production
Evelyn Brechtlein Stretch Production Coordination
Michael Pollard GRP Production Coordination
Karen Miller Photography, Hand Coloring
Anais Browski Grooming
Mike Manoogian Stretch Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Dan Serrano Art Direction
Scott Johnson Art Direction
Alba Acevedo Graphic Design
Jackie Salway Graphic Design
Sonny Medina GRP Production Direction
Sharon Franklin GRP Production Direction Assistance
Andy Baltimore GRP Creative Direction
Recorded at Sound City Studios, Van Nuys, CA.

Mixed at King Sound Studios, N. Hollywood, CA.

Mastered at Grundman's Mastering, Hollywood, CA.

Post-production performed at The Review Room, NYC.