Ritenour/Grusin "Live From The Record Plant"

Ritenour/Grusin "Live From The Record Plant"


Live From The Record Plant
The Story
"Live From The Record Plant" is a two performance DVD, capturing guitarist Lee Ritenour and pianist Dave Grusin live from the Record Plant, as well as the GRP All-Stars live from the Record Plant, representing Volume 4 in a series of live performances made between 1984 and 1992. Ritenour and Grusin are both capable of virtuoistic soloing within a melodic context, and take full advantage of their talents here. The GRP All-Stars feature Ritenour, Grusin, Larry Williams, the late drummer Carlos Vega, Abraham Laboriel, Diane Schuur, Ivan Lins, Dave Valentin and Phil Perry. Great performances - a joy to watch.

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital Stereo, On-Screen Notes About The Concert, Full Biographical Details And Extensive Background Information On The Artists And Songs


Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs: Ritenour/Grusin show "Power Wave", "Rio Funk", "Mountain Dance", "Harlequin", "The Island", "Rit Variations II", "Dolphin Dreams" and "St. Elsewhere", along with the GRP All-Stars show "Early A.M. Attitude", "Before It's Too Late", "Love Dance", "Reverend Lee", "Amazing Grace", "Oasis", "Awakening" and "Countdown (Captian Fingers)".