Rippingtons "Welcome To The St. James' Club"

Rippingtons "Welcome To The St. James' Club"

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Welcome To The St. James' Club
The Story
"Welcome To The St. James' Club" stands with "Curves Ahead" and "Tourist In Paradise" as one of the best loved Rippingtons CDs, with its nine instrumentals and one vocal track (the psuedo-African chorus of "Kenya"). A few tracks also feature the Rippingtons hallmark scat (wordless) vocals, but Russ Freeman is clearly the center of the musical arrangements, using a wide variety of guitars, guitar synthesizer, keyboards, bass, drums and anything else he could think of to create the right smooth jazz vibe. Interestingly the even numbered tracks tend to be the more dynamic, edgy tracks (and usually feature the overdriven electric guitar solos), while the odd numbered tracks tend to be more introspective, romantic or relaxing. Anyone know why?
The Music
04:41 Welcome To The St. James' Club Instrumental
04:53 Wednesday's Child Instrumental
05:24 I Watched Her Walk Away Instrumental
05:23 Kenya Vocal
05:04 Affair In San Miguel Instrumental
04:59 Tropic Of Capricorn Instrumental
03:53 Who's Holding Her Now? Instrumental
04:57 Soul Mates Instrumental
04:34 Passion Fruit Instrumental
03:25 Victoria's Secret Instrumental
The Artists
Russ Freeman Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Keyboard Programming, Percussion, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Production, Arrangements, Engineering, Mixing
Jeff Kashiwa Sax, EWI
Tony Morales Cymbals, Hat, Additional Cymbals
Steve Reid Percussion, Vocals, Additional Engineering
Brant Biles Additional Shaker
Carl Anderson Vocals
Lynn Fiddmont Vocals
Kirk Whalum Sax
Judd Miller EVI
Steve Bailey Additional Fretless Bass, Additional Fretted Bass
Brandon Fields Sax, Soprano Sax
Patti Austin Vocals
Deedee Bellson Vocals
Kevin Guillaume Vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta Drums
Mike Lang Acoustic Piano
Joe Sample Acoustic Piano
Dave Grusin Executive Production
Larry Rosen Executive Production
Robert Margouleff Additional Engineering, Mixing
Anthony Jeffries Additional Engineering
Mike Scotella Additional Engineering
David Nesse Additional Engineering
Brant Biles Associate Mix Engineering
Carl Griffin Additional Mixing on "Kenya", "Wednesday's Child" and "Soul Mates"
Bruce Volk Technical Support
Bernie Grundman Editing, Mastering
Suzanne Sherman GRP Production Coordination
Bill Mayer Front Cover Artwork
Jeff Sedlik Photography
Dan Serrano Graphic Design
David Gibb Graphic Design
Andy Ruggirello Graphic Design
Jacki McCarthy Graphic Design
Andy Baltimore GRP Creative Direction
Recorded March-May, 1990 at The Slam Shack & Pacifique Studios. Additional engineering at Slam Shack, Pacifique and Aire L.A. Studios.

Mixed with B.A.S.E. Spacial Audio Processing at Aire L.A. Studios, Glendale, CA, May 1990.

Edited and mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Wardrobe and stylist: Andi Howard.

Hair: Lucia Casteneda.

Make-Up: Bruce Grayson