Rippingtons "Weekend In Monaco"

Rippingtons "Weekend In Monaco"

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Weekend In Monaco
The Story
Because you can't have just one Rippigntons CD, there is "Weekend In Monaco", a dynamic release that features at least three of the best tracks the Ripps have recorded - "St. Tropez", "Indian Summer" and the title track, which, along with the evocative "Vienna", open the CD. Freeman dishes out a number of electric solos on those tracks, which is quite welcome, and delivers some of his strongest melodies. The musicianship is even kicked up a notch by the inclusion of Mark Portmann, who lays down some great piano solos on "Moka Java", "St. Tropez", "Vienna" and the title track. All this plus tons of live percussion, make "Weekend In Monaco" the ideal first purchase for the smooth jazz fan new to the Rippingtons' music - especially if you want to hear more electric Freeman.
The Music
05:19 Weekend In Moncao Instrumental
05:55 St. Tropez Instrumental
04:49 Vienna Instrumental
05:44 Indian Summer Instrumental
05:12 A Place For Lovers Instrumental
05:45 Carnival! Instrumental
05:46 Moka Java Instrumental
05:56 Highroller Instrumental
04:15 Where The Road Will Lead Us Instrumental
The Artists
Russ Freeman Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Classical Guitar, Arrangements, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Tony Morales Drums
Kim Stone Bass, Fretted Bass, Bass Solo
Jeff Kashiwa Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, EWI, Alto Sax Solo, Soundscape
Steve Reid Percussion, Congas, Toys, Brazilian Percussion Soundscape, Vocals, Timbales, Engineering of Soundscape on "Carnival!"
Mark Portman Acoustic Piano Solo
Steve Bailey Fretless Bass, Bass
Brian Springer Addtional Engineering
Suzy Freeman Addtional Engineering
Bob Margouleff Mixing
Brant Biles Mixing
Andi Howard Production Coordination
Michael Landy Post-Production
Joseph Doughney Post-Production
Adam Zelinka Post-Production
Carl Griffin Assistant Executive Production
Dave Grusin Executive Production
Larry Rosen Executive Production
Michael Pollard GRP Production Coordination
Doreen Kalcich GRP Production Coordination Assistance
Bill Mayer Front Cover Artwork
Dan Serrano Graphic Design
David Gibb Graphic Design
Andy Ruggirello Graphic Design
Scott Johnson Graphic Design
Sonny Mediana Graphic Design
Emili Bogin Graphic Design Assistance
Andy Baltimore GRP Creative Direction
Recorded and mixed at Cheyenne Mtn. Ranch Studios, CO.

"Carnival!" soundscape recorded at Slamm Shack, North Hollywood.

Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Post-Production at the Review Room, NYC.