Rippingtons "Sahara"

Rippingtons "Sahara"

album cover

The Story
Musician/producer Russ Freeman dominates "Sahara" with his guitar work, arrangements, compositions and attitude, but he has the good sense to surround himself with quality musicians such as Tony Morales (drums), Steve Reid (percussion) and Jeff Kashiwa (on sax and EWI). Keyboardist Tom McMorran adds a couple of beautiful piano solos to "True Companion" and "The Best Is Yet To Come". Freeman includes two pop vocal numbers on "Sahara" (the Spinners cover track "I'll Be Around", Jeffrey Osborne on vocals and "Principles Of Desire", Phil Perry, lead vocals) with the eight smooth jazz instrumentals. But guitarists will focus in on the way Freeman incorporates his varied guitar sounds into the mix to achieve the desired result.
The Music
04:47 Native Sons Of A Distant Land Instrumental
04:26 True Companion Instrumental
04:04 I'll Be Around Vocal
04:41 Principles Of Desire Vocal
05:01 Sahara Instrumental
05:17 'Til We're Together Again Instrumental
04:59 The Best Is Yet To Com Instrumental
03:13 Journey's End Instrumental
04:49 Girl With The Indigo Eyes Instrumental
04:49 Porsha Instrumental
The Artists
Russ Freeman Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, 12-String Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Rhythm Programming, Baritone Guitar, Production, Arrangements, Engineering, Mixing
Jeff Kashiwa EWI, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax
Kim Stone Bass
Steve Reid Percussion
Tony Morales Drums
Tom McMorran Acoustic Piano Solo, Additional Keyboards
Jeffrey Osborne Lead Vocals on "I'll Be Around"
Kirk Whalum Tenor Sax
Art Wood Loops
Lynne Fiddmont Background Vocals
Birdgette Bryant Background Vocals
James Gilstrap Background Vocals
Phil Perry Vocals on "Principles Of Desire", Background Vocals
Jon "Tokes" Patoker Engineering for Jeffrey Osborne's Vocals
Dave Grusin Executive Production
Larry Rosen Executive Production
Carl Griffin Mixing
Vlado Miller Mastering
Andi Howard Album Coordination
Michael Landy Post-production
Laurie Goldman Graphic Design
Joseph Doughney Post-production
Cara Bridgins GRP Production Coordination
Joseph Moore GRP Production Coordination Assistance
Carl Studna Photography
Bill Mayer Cover Illustration
Alba Acevedo Inside Illustration, Art Direction
Dan Serrano Art Direction
Hollis King Art Direction
Freddie Paloma Graphic Design
Sonny Mediana GRP Production Direction
Lilian Barbuti GRP Production Direction Assistance
Andy Baltimore GRP Creative Direction
Recorded and mixed at Cheyenne Mountain Ranch Studios, Colorado, USA.

Additional recording at Ameraycan Studios and Slam Shack Studios in North Hollywood, CA.

Mastered at Sony Music Studios, NYC.

Post-production at The Review Room, NYC.