Rippingtons "Live In L.A."

Rippingtons "Live In L.A."

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Live In L.A.
The Story
"Live In L.A." was recorded live over two evenings in California in September of 1992 - during the heyday of the Rippingtons 'electric era'. Guitarist Russ Freeman was not shy about bringing his electric guitar through virtually every tune, a hallmark of the bands earlier work, and sorely missed in their late '90s releases. A listen to the solos on "Indian Summer", "Aspen", "Curves Ahead" and "Weekend In Monaco" proves that Freeman has (had?) a lot of fire in his belly - and the results are glorious. The entire production on "Live In L.A." is more 'electric' - even the acoustic instruments such as the drums are heavier and have more snap and energy - one reason "Live In L.A." continues to be a fan favorite. One listen to the CD and you'll feel as we do - Freeman owes us about five straight all-electric guitar CDs!
The Music
06:00 Indian Summer Instrumental
05:49 Aspen Instrumental
05:29 Curves Ahead Instrumental
06:14 Weekend In Monaco Instrumental
05:24 One Summer Night In Brazil Instrumental
06:58 Highroller Instrumental
01:33 Introduction Of The Band Vocal
05:05 Morocco Instrumental
05:22 Dream Of The Sirens Instrumental
06:50 Tourist In Paradise Instrumental
The Artists
Russ Freeman Electric, Acoustic & Classical Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Production, Arrangements, Horn Arrangements, Mixing
Tony Morales Drums
Kim Stone Bass
Jeff Kashiwa Sax, EWI, Horn Arrangements
Steve Reid Percussion
Mark Portmann Keyboards
David Benoit Acoustic Piano on "Weekend In Monaco" and "Tourist In Paradise"
Carl Anderson Vocals on "Tourist In Paradise"
Paul Carmen Alto Sax
Matt Fronke Trumpet
Wendell Kelly Trombone
Don Murray Engineering
Carl Griffin Mixing, Associate Executive Production
Dave Grusin Executive Production
Larry Rosen Executive Production
Michael Landy Digital Editing, Post-Production
Joseph Doughney Post-Production
Adam Zelinka Post-Production
Michael Pollard GRP Production Coordination
Diane Dragonette Coordination Assistance
Bill Mayer Front Cover Illustration
Masato Photography
Lucia Castaneda Hair, Make-Up
Scott Johnson Art Direction
Dan Serrano Art Direction
Jackie Salway Graphic Design
Alba Acavedo Graphic Design
Sonny Medina GRP Production Direction
Sharon Franklin Production Direction Assistance
Andy Baltimore GRP Creative Direction
Ted Jensen Mastering
Recorded September 26, 1992 at The Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA and September 26, 1992 at The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA.

Mixed at Cheyenne Mountain Ranch Studios, Colorado.

The album was recorded using B.A.S.E. processing.

Digital editing at The Review Room, NYC.

Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC.

Post-production at The Review Room, NYC.