Rippingtons "Let It Ripp"

Rippingtons "Let It Ripp"

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Let It Ripp
The Story
"Let It Ripp" is the Rippingtons first studio recording since the chart-topping "Life In The Tropics" and the follow-up to the acclaimed "Live Across America". Guitarist and producer Russ Freeman writes, "This album is different from our other studio albums, in that there are no outside studio musicians other than the horn section. It's really a culmination of 17 years of being on the road. There is no band quite like the Ripps, and my goal was to highlight the world-class musicianship that has become synonymous with the name, "The Rippingtons". Our fans really seem to enjoy our high energy stuff, so we decided to go for it."
The Music
05:10 Let It Ripp Instrumental
04:31 Mr. 3 Instrumental
05:15 Lucky Charm Instrumental
04:27 A Private Getaway Instrumental
05:15 High Life Instrumental
04:05 Avalon Instrumental
03:56 Bella Luna Instrumental
04:44 Stingray Instrumental
04:12 17 Mile Drive Instrumental
04:23 Cast A Spell Instrumental
04:24 Get Over It Instrumental
The Artists
Russ Freeman Guitar, Guitar Synth, Keyboards, Production, Executive Production
Dave Karasony Drums
Scott Breadman Percussion
Bill Heller Keyboards
Eric Marienthal Sax
Kim Stone Bass
Jerry Hey Additional Horns
Gary Grant Additional Horns
Steven Holtman Additional Horns
Marko Ruffolo Additional Engineering
Nick Sodano Mixing
Doug Sax Mastering
Robert Hadley Mastering
Leilani Shelby Production Coordination
Valerie Ince A&R Coordination
Sonny Mediana Photography, Art Direction
Andi Howard Exeuctive Production
Recorded at Swamp Rat Studios, Boca Raton, FL, Sapphire Sound, Las Vegas, NV and The Barn, Shadow Hills, CA.

Mixed at Sapphire Sound, Las Vegas, NV.

Mastered at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA.

Hair and makeup by Jennifer Guerrrero.

Stylist: Nancy Fischer.