Rippingtons "Curves Ahead"

Rippingtons "Curves Ahead"

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Curves Ahead
The Story
"Curves Ahead" is another Rippington's crowd pleaser, delivering a smooth, sometimes energetic collection of modern instrumental jazz numbers. The title track ebbs and flows with electric energy and Freeman's guitar, while "Take Me With You", "Aspen" and "Nature Of The Beast" deliver the crisp Rippingtons sound found on predecessors "Welcome To The St. James' Club" and "Tourist In Paradise". Interesting guest players include GRP label exec Dave Grusin on piano on "North Star" and sax man Nelson Rangell on "Santa Fe Trail" and the title track. Some fine drumming by Omar Hakim and Tony Morales here too, as "Curves Ahead" contains less sequenced drums than earlier releases.
The Music
05:39 Curves Ahead Instrumental
05:28 Aspen Instrumental
05:14 Santa Fe Trail Instrumental
05:34 Take Me With You Instrumental
05:24 North Star Instrumental
05:17 Miles Away Instrumental
04:51 Snowbound Instrumental
06:21 Nature Of The Beast Instrumental
04:09 Morning Song Instrumental
The Artists
Russ Freeman Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Guitar Synthesizer, Bass, Classical Guitar, Steel-String Guitar, Production, Arrangements, Horn Arrangements, Engineering, Digital Mixing
Tony Morales Drums
Kim Stone Bass
Jeff Kashiwa Tenor and Alto Sax, Soprano Sax
Steve Reid Udu Drums, Congas, Shakers, Japanese & Chinese Bells, Jingle Stick, Caxixi, Blocks, Toys, Tambourine, Percussion, TImbales, Surdo, Ganza, Cowbell, Apito, Vocals, Guiro, Crotalies, Spinning Bells, Chimes, Bongo, Clave, Pods, African Sound Scape (Bata, Djembe, Djun Djum, Axaste, Repinque, Seed Pods, Shekere, Bird Calls, Rain Stick)
Steve Szabo Trumpet
Nelson Rangell Alto Sax, Flute
Robert Martin Tenor Sax
Bruce Fowler Trombone
Mark Portman Acoustic Piano, Piano Solo, Keyboards
Dave Grusin Acoustic Piano, Piano Solo, Executive Production
Omar Hakim Drums
Kirk Whalum Tenor Sax
Steve Bailey Additional Fretless and Fretted Bass
Robert Margouleff Engineering, Digital Mixing
Brant Biles Engineering, Digital Mixing
David Hesse Additional Engineering
Andi Howard Production Coordination
Michael Landy Post-Production
Joseph Doughney Post-Production
Larry Rosen Executive Production
Carl Griffin Associate Executive Production
Michelle Lewis GRP Production Coordination
Bill Mayer Front Cover Artwork
Jeff Latz Color Photography, Black & White Photography
Dan Serrano Graphic Design
David Gibb Graphic Design
Andy Ruggirello Graphic Design
Scott Johnson Graphic Design
Sonny Mediana Graphic Design
Andy Baltimore GRP Creative Directtion
Recorded at Underwear Studios, Burbank, CA.

Additional recording at The Slam Shack, North Hollywood and Alpha Studios, Burbank, CA.

Mixed with B.A.S.E. Spacial Audio Processing at Alpha Studios, Burbank, CA.

Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Post-Production at The Review Room, NYC.

Hair and Make-up: Lucia Castaneda.