Rippingtons "Black Diamond"

Rippingtons "Black Diamond"

album cover

Black Diamond
The Story
Guitarist Russ Freeman figured the best way to celebrate the Rippingtons' 10th anniversary would be with the band's 10th album; hence, "Black Diamond". The nine instrumental, one vocal CD was inspired by Freeman's newfound love - downhill skiing - and so, are his best attempt to capture the feelings of becoming part of the mountain. You'll find a lot of the Freeman trademarks here - great rhythms, breezy solos, and stellar musicianship. An added bonus and highlight is the jazz inflected "Angelfire" featuring guests Arturo Sandoval (trumpet) and Pete Escovedo (percussion). Other highlights include "North Peak" and the title track.
The Music
04:46 Black Diamond Instrumental
06:16 Deep Powder Instrumental
05:06 Seven Nights In Rome Instrumental
04:40 Soul Seeker Instrumental
05:41 In Another Life Instrumental
04:23 Big Sky Instrumental
03:38 If I Owned The World Vocal
04:12 North Peak Instrumental
04:13 Angelfire Instrumental
05:05 Jewel Thieves Instrumental
04:10 Black Diamond (Acoustic Version) Instrumental
The Artists
Russ Freeman Brian Moore Guitar, 1960 Strat, 12-String Guitar, Rainsong Jazz Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Pine-Top Classical Guitar, Cedar-Top Classical Guitar, Epiphone Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Slide Guitar, Drum Programming, Percussion, Mandolin Rhythm Loops, Keyboards, Bass, Production, Executive Production, Engineering, Mixing
David Kochanski Keyboards, Organ, Drum Programming, Rhythm Loops, Acoustic Piano
Kim Stone "Fatboy" Bass, Fretless Bass, Bass, Bass "Fills"
Jeff Kashiwa EWI, Tenor Sax Solo, Tenor Sax, Soprano Saxophone
Mark Williamson Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Lead Vocals on "If I Owned The World"
Mark Ledford Trumpet
Steve Reid Percussion
Arturo Sandoval Trumpet Solo
Pete Escovedo Percussion
Nelson Rangell Alto and Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Andi Howard Executive Production
Carl Griffin Production on Arturo Sandoval aand Mark Ledford Sessions, Mixing
Paul Wickliffe Additional Engineering
John Reigart III Engineering Assistance
Brian Springer Engineering Assistance
Ray Obiedo Additional Engineering
Nick Sodano Mixing
Doug Sax Mastering
Patrick Clifford A&R
Larry Hamby A&R
Sonny Mediana Art Direction
Ilene Weingard Design
Carl Studna Photography
Bill Mayer Cover Art, Inside Illustrations
Recorded ay Cheyenne Mountain Ranch Studios, CO. Additional recording at Sound on Sound, NY, Sonic Jungle, North Hollywood, CA, and Werewolf Recording.

Mixed at Cheyenne Mountain Ranch Studios.

Mastered at the Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA.

Inside booklet photography courtesy of the Rippingtons.

Make up and hairstyling by Kathryn Conners.